5 definitions by LGREEZZY

he will shoot you with his lazer eyes
kanye west saved earth when he shot taylor swift with his lazer eyes
by LGREEZZY March 25, 2017
First became popular with his hit song 'SQUIDWARDS NOSE' and with the album '3am at Dennys' all of his songs are produced by Lil Shlong also known as Smallie Bigs, The Notorious Small, Sleezy L Greezzy , and BC
by LGREEZZY August 9, 2017
the best rapper of all time he will blow you away with his rapper lyrics especially when he says

"your hella fat just like your crew
cause you eating honey like you winne the pooh"
he also gets every girl to ever see him and does not take prisoners he is often also referred as lgreezzy, the notorious small, and Loganthelegend
by LGREEZZY March 25, 2017
a thing you say when referring to a really dumb comment or question
john: whats two plus two
Imron: 17
everyone in existence: IMMMMMROOOOOOOOOOON
by LGREEZZY March 25, 2017