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Political or governmental control dictated via internet] communication.
If social media] influence popular culture], then we must be living in an internetocracy.
by LAlawMedMBA November 22, 2013
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Someone who tends to eschew animal flesh, especially consumption of red or fatty meats, but still will occasionally eat meat, unlike a vegetarian.
Whereas a vegan may confine his diet to fruits and vegetables, a semi-vegetarian might eat fish weekly; eggs, honey, and dairy products frequently; and beef, lamb, or chicken an average of two days each month.
by LAlawMedMBA November 27, 2014
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Biblethumpers are religious zealots that pillory others who progress beyond obsolescent morality. The thumping signifies limitation of literacy to only one book, a 2,000-year-old primer which they interminably struggle to read.

Bible Thumpers tend to reduce all discussions to biblical citations while ignoring contemporary science. They are also usually reactionary or conservative toward social change. For example, they are often virulently opposed to birth control, abortion, gay marriage, women's rights, and evolution.

zealot sheep fanatic biblethumper
The Bible Thumper, brainwashed by corporate media into single-issue tunnel vision, plans to defend fetuses by assassinating a pro-choice physician.
by LAlawMedMBA October 21, 2014
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A person who prefers sandwiches that contain only meat and/or cheese, and sometimes sauces, while disdaining the presence of any vegetables or fruits, whether sliced, chopped, or leafy.
A ham sandwich with cheese is fine for a sandwich purist, as long as there is no lettuce, nor a tomato slice.

Synonyms: fatty food fanatic, non-vegan, gluten glutton.
Antonyms: vegetarian, vegan, sandwich eclectic, sandwich sophisticate.
Related words: hero, hoagie, grinder, submarine;
stickler, formalist, fussbudget, fusspot, idealist, nit-picker, quibbler.
Misspellings: sanwich, sandwitch, sandwish.
by LAlawMedMBA July 15, 2011
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