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How our country started. Long before the south seceded the colonies did the exact same thing by attempting to break off from England. At that time the founders of our country were considered traitors, rebels, and were also slave owners. So if you live in the north don't go thinking of your self as being more enlightened and ahead of the curve. Don't forget where the unholy institution of slavery originated in this country. With out traitors we would all be saying "God save the Queen" when we raised our glasses.

Is right about actually being right or about who won? Think it over.
George Washington was a traitor and a patriot.

Benjamin Franklin was a traitor and a patriot.

Robert E. Lee was a traitor and a patriot.
by L612 February 26, 2010
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A people who migrate to the south because there are more jobs, a stronger economy, better food, and better weather. They also insist on bringing their loud, rude, arrogant, ways with them all the while complaining that home was so much better. They are in a perpetual frantic rush. They talk very fast. They refuse to assimilate to southern culture but expect southerners to do things their way. They are horrible drivers. They do not give firm hand shakes. In the North eye contact is considered a threat.They find the word "Ya'll" offensive but use the word "Youse" in the exact same context. They are tacky dressers. Women have teased hair and outfits that southerners let go of in the 80's. Men rarely open doors for women. Men wear gold jewelry, loafers, and slacks but look down on southerners for wearing boots and jeans. They don't want to live in the South for fear of being "Land-Locked" but many don't swim. They hate Country music because they have no idea what Real Country Music is. Yankees think pick-up trucks and those that drive them are ignorant. They can't conceive that some one might want to drive a pick-up simply because they don't want to drive a car. They don't know that traditionally the term "Red Neck" is a compliment. They don't know the difference between a Red Neck, White Trash, and a Good Ol' Boy or which one a Guido is closely related to. There is no such thing as Northern pride and therefore they can't even begin to understand Southern pride.
Did you see that guy tailgating me at 90 miles an hour? He drives like a Yankee.
by L612 February 25, 2010
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