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A derivative of Heads up, this term was widely used(shouted) in the lot before and after Phish shows in order to alarm surrounding bystandards that law enforcement was in the vicinity and to conceal any contraband immediately. It was often used on shakedownwhen an undercover officer was discovered, or a regular officer was on the prowl and somewhat hidden by the general crowd. It was also seen on a popular fan made t-shirt which used a parody of the 7Up logo and read "6 Up, The Uncoola".
Head #1: "6 Up!"
Head #2: "Shit, stash those goo-balls and caps!"
by L-Pie January 23, 2006
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Term used to describe the row in the lot where most of the action is taking place. The majority of the vendors, trading, narcotics, and people, usually congregated almost entirely at shakedown. The term itself most likely originated from the Grateful Dead song, "Shakedown Street". It can also be attributed to the first deffinition of this word, as seen on the Urban Dictionary, as it was also a popular place for UC's, cops, and dready fedy's.
Head #1: "Dude, where's shakedown at? I'm ready to schwill on some taddy's."

Head #2: "It's way over there by that old school bus, man."

Head #1: "Right on, you have any extra's?"
by L-Pie January 23, 2006
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A dready fedy is a dealer or a user who has been busted(by the Feds) and has agreed to turn in one or more other dealers in order to minimize their own charges. They can be particularly dangerous because they can appear to be harmless, by having dreadlocks for example. This also refers to UC's who have gone through great lengths to blend in with the crowd, like growing out dreadlocks, and often partake in using drugs themselves in order to gain repore with their victims.
Head #1: "Man, I was blazing with this dread, and he asked me for a kick down, so I gave him a pinky print of molly. The next thing I know he turned around and cuffed me! What the fuck is this world coming to!?"

Head #2: "Dready fedy's bro, dready fedy's."
by L-Pie January 23, 2006
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