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Main character in the American version of the anime, Pokemon. I am guessing that Ash's mother was smoking weed when she named him. When she tried to think of a name, she looked all around, and then looked at her joint, and then Ash popped into mind.

Anyway, Ash is the main character in Pokemon (except for a couple of Japanese series) His dream is to become a "Pokemon Master", whatever that is, and "Catch 'em all." How he will manage to catch all 493 Pokemon, God only knows. But for now, his signature Pokemon are Pikachu, Charizard, and Squirtle.
The only character my little sister likes is Ash.
by kylezors August 19, 2008

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Another way of saying "good-bye," or "bye."
Why it is spelled in such a way is beyond me, but it is catchy. The word bai is used in the famous internet phrase "kthxbai."
I have to go now, but ill see you later. Bai.
by Kylezors August 19, 2008

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A dragon/psychic Pokemon that existed on a populated island named Alto-mare. Latios lived on the island with his sister, Latias. Even though nobody has seen Latios, tradition on Alto-mare has it that he and his sister protect the people who live there.

Latios is blue/grey, and is known to resemble a jet, both in appearance and in speed. He is also extremely intelligent, able to understand human language.

Like his father, Latios died as a result of saving Alto-mare from utter destruction. In his place, a Soul Dew was produced, as a key to keep Alto-mare safe once again.

Many internet sites, forums and articles state that Latios was the first Pokemon to actually die in the Pokemon series.
Woah, that jet reminds me of that awesome Pokemon, Latios.
by Kylezors August 19, 2008

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