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The year Bart Simpson's fight agenda has an opening.
Sorry, my fight agenda's booked up until 2004.-Bart Simpson,Bart Simpson's Guide to Life, published in 1993.
by Kyle White December 29, 2003
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a pine tree that you put in your house on christmas hovering between life and death until your brats open their presents and you throw the tree out. You then find pine needles all over the house for 6 months.
I always buy a cheap (christmas) tree.
by Kyle White December 29, 2003
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When you make a porn home video.
Oh, God! He's gone too far!
by Kyle White November 07, 2004
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A annoying spyware program that creates pop ups which reinstall the program.
Duh... I want to search for viagra...
by Kyle White May 25, 2004
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Do something the easy way.
He had to do the dishes, but he cut corers and stuck everything in the drying rack.
by Kyle White May 30, 2004
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