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The act of verbally acquiring responsibility for a usually beneficial task or object. When one calls "Whammy" on an object, he/she officially takes ownership and full,one-hundred percent responsibility for that object. When a person calls Whammy,it must be heard by at least one other individual or must be proven.no negotiating may be done-it is the supreme settlement of issues and may not be overruled,revoked or taken back. however,whammy may not be called if the object is already in someone else's possession, or in the event that someone else has already begun the task. Text message whammies ARE allowed.
"Whammy on the blue gatorade!"
"Hey it's mine,I Whammied it!"
"nobody heard you call Whammy so it's mine"
by Kyle Hartman September 17, 2008
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The act of denying a duty or responsibility,thus leaving it to others. When one calls "no whammy", on something, he/she is refusing to take responsibility for it. The last person in the group to call "no whammy" is he/she whom,by default, takes responsibility of the proposed issue or action.
"No Whammy on sitting next to Jacob!"
"No Whammy on driving!"
"Hey,I called No Whammy on the aisle seat so you have to sit there!"
by Kyle Hartman September 17, 2008
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