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A power hungry pervert who likes to be around children but also likes to be dominant. Usually was picked on as a child.
Your friend would make a good Teacher
by Kromyan October 09, 2009

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A great all-mighty weasel watching over us all the time. He is a bit perverted but it doesn't matter because he is almighty weasel lord!!!
Do not use the weasel-lord in vane!!
by Kromyan October 13, 2009

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A woman who had a hopeful looking future but was too lazy to go any futher with her studies. She then becomes a prostitiute in hope for money, spends her hard earned prostitution money on booze and cigarettes. She finds she has a child to an unknown man from prostitution. Her life is then taken up by having loads of children to earn her money from the government. She has more than 10 children and maybe even a foetus library.
"Wow! Look at that woman! What an Oklahoma Mom"
by Kromyan October 09, 2009

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