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French for "Get your fucking mullet out of my face!"
*Gets someones mullet caught in one's eyes* Response: Versevier!
by Kristian Hicks November 17, 2004

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1.80'S and 90'S Electronica act.
2.Homosexuals who use animal movements (such as the riggling of gerbils) to excite their anus.
"Ben Wolsey is such a pet shop boy"
by Kristian Hicks June 29, 2004

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Laugh out loud with the added ZA which signifies thats funny but bitchy.
Bitchy Girl:"Her boyfriends face looks like a jack russel terriers!"
by Kristian Hicks July 13, 2004

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Funny as fuck.
That comedian is funny as fuck.
by Kristian Hicks June 16, 2004

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