3 definitions by Krazy K Mooghasi

One who is an expert at the art of drinking beers.
Someone who can handle large quanities of beer in one day.
#1Rick was impressed by Profesional beer drinker Karl feat of drinking 18 beers and still play a mean game of bags, and he was textdrinking.

#2Danko can only handle 3 to 5 beers before he breaks his seal or is drunk. No way will he ever be a professional beer drinker.
#3Rich, Lou and Karl are a team of professional beer drinkers called the 250lb man club!
by Krazy K Mooghasi June 20, 2009
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Verb. 1. To text friends and family while you are drinking.

2. Texting people while you drinbk alone so you don't feel lonely. Could be in text form or even pictures.
#1My brother was textdrinking me last night.
#2 My buddy Rick and I were textdrinking for 6 hours last saturday. He had 12 beers and I only had 10. I sent him a pic of my first 3 beers.
by Krazy K Mooghasi June 10, 2009
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To tweet while you are drinking.

To send messages on twitter while drinking or drunk
#1Debbie sent me this tweet yesterday it was jibbirish. SHe must have been tweetdrinking again.
#2 The best way RS, CR , and KG chat is when they are tweetdrinking with Danko Nation. Or textdrinking.
by Krazy K Mooghasi June 19, 2009
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