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When 2 lesbians grind their bald biscuits together while trying to hold an ice cube in the middle. The object is to grind until it melts, without letting it slip out.
Melissa: Damn girl you rocked my world last night.

Patricia: Bitch I told you the ice cube sandwich was the best thing since the double-ended dildo.

Melissa: Yeah my meat curtain has freezer burn, but I'll be back for more tonight.

Patricia: I can't wait. My favorite part is eating the tuna milk shake when we get done.
by KnotMyRealName December 15, 2018

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When you have the shits and trot like a turkey in search of a porcelain throne.
Bob: Did you see how Dave was running down the hallway at work today?

Dan: Yeah, he ate the Susan's chili at the potluck and he had the turkey trots. He went home so I think he shit himself.
by KnotMyRealName December 15, 2018

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