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When a group of friends leave a party and look for a fellow party goers car and proceed to piss all over it, paying special attention to the door handels and other areas that the driver is likely to touch when returning to thier vehicle. It is a bonus when there are subfreezing temperatures out so the urine may freeze to the car causeing pissacles to accumulate from the bottom of the car.
After a killin it at Crip and Ants appartment the first car spotted was a red anniversary edition Z-28 Cammaro Belonigng to Spinny, we proceeded to fresshin her up with a nigger car wash.

Spinny as he opens his car: "Damn dude did it rain while we where in there?"

Spinnys Boyfirend " the parkin lot isnt wet.... oh shit theres pissacles hangin from the side mirrors, looks like you got yourself a good ol fashon nigger car wash!!!!"
by KlapMoneyMillionare January 27, 2008
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Pissing on someones face, weather they like it or not
This Bitch was pissin me off last night so I hooked her up with an R Kelly FaceWash!
by KlapMoneyMillionare January 27, 2008
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