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Southernplayalisticaddillacmuzik - Fucking great album, one of the best
ATLiens - Really good album
Aquemini - Pretty good Album
Stankonia - Weak in Comparison
SB/LB - Going in a different diection
They know not to test us, test me, do me, try me
Trippin with that drama, my Beretta's right beside me
One is in mid-air and one is the chamber
Y'all ask me what the fuck I'm doin, I'm releasin anger
Quick to dodge danger, I'm takin it one day
At a time, I got the fattest dimes around my way
You can sway with Andre, I'll take her to the ho-jo, bitch
Just let you know, yeah
by Kiwicito September 28, 2004
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The act of taking a shit while facing the cistern. Causes large a mount of residual crap to be left on the bowl.
We got got kicked out of our holiday house so we busted a reversal in the tiolet then got the fuck out.
by Kiwicito September 28, 2004
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Used a lot in Thailand, especially in an attempts to sell something but can mean just about anything depending on what the user is trying to achieve.
Q "Is this a real rolex?"
A " Yes Sir, same same but different"
by Kiwicito September 12, 2004
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Someone who is just so damn cheesy they can't stop the cheese shooting out of their mouth.
Who's that guy who hosts the mad mad world of sports?
Dunno but he's a fuckin cheese pistol
by Kiwicito October 03, 2004
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When partaking in cannibis spots you need something to get the smoke from the knives into your lungs. One of the best ways of doing this is to knock the bottom out of a glass bottle (can be done by dropping a knife in the top) to create a spot bottle hence the name spottle.
We always kept our collection of spottles in the freezer so the hit wasn't so harsh on the back of the throat.
by Kiwicito October 19, 2004
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Male version of the g-string, not dissimilar to a jock strap
Man1: What the fuck are you doing werin women's clothes dude???
Man2: It ain't women's clothes man, it's my he-string.
Man1: *cringes*
by Kiwicito September 28, 2004
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