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n. a stupid, vapid, or unpleasent person. A general expansion of insult tool in order to create more emphasis.
Anyone who makes up incoherent urban dictionary definitions based on friends names and other worthless garbage is a tool belt.
by KingPr0n October 26, 2004

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1. n. (common) a fun and simple plastic inflatable ball, most often used in beach games. Shortened to a single word from previous two words for marketing purposes.

2. n. (slang) Someone who is as wide as they are tall. Simple analogous derivation from common use of word.
1. Get the beachball, yo, it's time to hit the coast! WOOOOO!

2. Did you see how much weight she gained? She's a damn beachball.
by KingPr0n October 26, 2004

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