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When you are "high" off of self-esteem. To be on an Ego High you are thinking highly of yourself, more often than not, “Jocks” and “Cheerleaders” stereotypically are always on an “Ego High”. You get ego highs from being complemented a lot, or when a complement sticks and you happen to agree with it, without thinking through. Normally ego highs only occur to people who don’t think highly of themselves on a regular basses.

Sometimes happens when you use Weed.

While on an ego high the following may happen
1)You may think you have a larger ______ than you actually do
2)You may be prone to agreeing with people when they complement you, instead of proving them wrong
3)You may be less acceptable to sarcasm when it is directed against you
4)You may think highly of yourself

After the ego high you will be normally sadder than you were before it.
1)guy on ego high: "Oh yea, my dicks huge."
girl in bed: *laugh*
2) girl one: "your so strong!"
guy on ego high: "yea, I totally know that"
3) girl two: "yea your not an idiot at all"
guy on ego high: "Why thank you!! so nice of you to say that"
4)guy on ego high: "Oh yea... I am just to cool"
by KingMuffin December 24, 2008
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A feeling a man gets when he gets extremely turned on- yet does not do anything to solve the problem. So when the erection goes down- the balls start to swell and pain starts to occur. The pain has been compared to the "Being Sacked" sensation.. Or basically getting hit in the Family Jewels.

You just get a TON of soldiers ready for battle with no cammand to foward- you know?
After 8 hours of long interesting foreplay, my girlfriend had to leave. So with no sex, all i have now are 2 giant blue balls!
by KingMuffin July 8, 2009
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