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When one guy sends his friend a link disguised as a funny youtube video, or work document but actually contains gay porn.
Douche: Dude, open this link, its got the HAwttest girls on this site!
Sucker: Oh, ok. *click* AAAH!!MY RETINAS!!!
Douche: Dick Roll`d XD
by King KaRmA April 18, 2009
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This word has multiple uses, all of wich involve multiplayer video games:

1)Exclamation: Used when you THINK someone is cheating or hacking.

2)Explanation: Used when you KNOW
someone is cheating or hacking.

3)Fun!: Used when YOUR hacking or cheating and are having fun.
1)Tim:"What the fuck! I just shot this guy in the head with an RPG and he just WALKS AWAY UNHARMED!?!? HAXX!!!!"

2) Eric: "Dude, how did you just walk awat from getting sniped with an rpg?
John: "Haxx. duh!"

3)Tim: "Aha john, you asshole, I just got a lagswitch. haxx :D
by King KaRmA April 20, 2009
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An exclamation used when describing an event later, NOT when it is happening. Associated with wtf and ftw it used in later describing disbelief at something.
Tim: "...and I was like 'dick flavored pizza? Fuck the what!"
Eric: "Yeah dude. Too bad im vegan."
by King KaRmA April 19, 2009
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