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1. When one is somewhere mentally, and possibly intellectually and emotionally, though not physically. Used when having a conversation with somebody not in person (often over the phone, texting, or im-ing), and it seems as though you are reading each others minds.

2. when one is physically away from a specific location but are mentally present

3. Derived from the word 'away', awat refers to when someone is away physically, but present in a mental or spiritual state.
Monica: Hey Chandler
Chandler: wow just as I opened the conversation window you said that.. freaky..
Monica: Are you surprised? lol
Chandler: Not really I guess
Monica, Chandler at the same time: Whats up?
Chandler: wow
Monica: again, are you awat?
Chandler: haha I guess so
by Kalessandra September 26, 2008
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