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An aged gay man, having gray hair and great taste in cutlery, as well as aged, vericose genetalia.
I was watching animal planet when I saw a couple of graylords who were showing off their kitty tree house they built between taking turns eating eachothers streetsnow gray rumpstaches.
by Killy Pistol December 29, 2009
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The hair surrounding one's ass hole. A deterrent to anal sex and obsolete pre-historic filter for the rectum.
She wanted me to cram the prick in her tookis, but that rumpstache was unshaven and had a couple Corn Nuts tangled in it, so I just beat off in her hair.
by Killy Pistol January 10, 2008
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A euphemism for the penis - the tip of which resembles a mushroom - entering the vagina - which resembles a taco.
Sweet Christ that bag of bitchmeat operating the tilt-a-whirl is so humpable, I want to give her a mushroom taco with sour cream.
by Killy Pistol November 30, 2007
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One's anus, or the act of mooning helpless pricks while spreading your steamed hams wide open -- bestowing upon them a gaping bubble gum ring, which will forever be burned into their mind.
He was shirtless and badmouthing my Punky Brewster box set so I dropped trou, spread em wide and shot him the pink zero when he turned around.
by KILLY PISTOL December 06, 2009
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pissing in your own mouth, passing it into a girls mouth as she's riding you. Then she spits your urine directly up in the air so it splashes down upon both of you mid-sex.
Instead of pausing sex to pee, she opted for the Ukrainian Birdbath. We showered together after sex this time. It was quite nice.
by KILLY PISTOL August 19, 2011
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