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A sitcom that is geared toward and is especially appealing to women. The show can have a sappy, girly or feminist bent. Sex And The City is the ultimate chickcom. Other chickcoms include Mad About You, Girlfriends, Gilmore Girls and about half the other sitcoms on The CW(formerly The WB).
Girl: "Hey honey, look, Mad About You is on."
Guy: "Oh crap, you're not going to make me watch another chickcom are you?"
Girl: "Ok then, how about Gilmore Girls?"
Guy: "NOOOoooo...."
by KillerGerbil June 10, 2007

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The combination of the words Yeah and Haha. Usually comes out when you agree with something funny someone says.
Friend: President Bush should run for President again.
You: Yehaha, that's hillarious.
by KillerGerbil April 16, 2008

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Snowmageddon's weaker/wetter cousin. When you get a shit ton of snow followed immediately by a warm front that turns it all into slush creating massive amounts of standing water and ice slushy. This is then in turn tossed around by idiots in cars indiscriminately like a rain/hale storm in a twister causing weeping and gnashing of teeth on your way to work as your car is slowly eroded away from the raw mixture of water, deicing chemicals, ice, salt and gravel.
Oh my god I almost drown on my way to work today. It was a regular Slushmageddon out there.


Holy shit my car was pulverized this morning by all the yahoos driving in Slushmageddon
by KillerGerbil January 12, 2011

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Junk video that your kids have filled up your video camera memory card with. Usually you don't realize it until the crucial moment you need the space most.
Setup: You are filming the once in a lifetime event of your wife crossing the finish line of a marathon.

You: Here she comes, almost there honey, you can do it........ What the $%#@ Out of Memory.

You then view what's on the camera only to find 100 two minute kidvids of the cat sleeping on the couch mixed with jiggle camera shots of your kids making goofy faces in extreme closeup.
by KillerGerbil November 20, 2010

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