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Vehicle with the hauling capacity of a car, the ride of a truck, the gas milage of a tank, and the price tag of a jet fighter. See useless.
Often driven by middle aged buisness men trying to look rugged or outdoorsy. 21 century replacement for the mid-life crisis sports car
Also driven by soccer moms and business woman because it looks more aggresive than the mini-van they really needed. See penis envy.
The origin of the species were the old International Scout, Range Rovers, Land Rovers, and Chevy Suburbans, which were all true 4X4's and were designed with minimal comforts, but could climb the hell out of anything whilst towing a small village behind them. Current specimens are often underpowered or two wheel drive sitting on high leaf springs so they still look like they can climb and pull, but usually can be beat at the light by an economy 4 cylinder car. Current models are often fully outfitted with every luxury feature available, including GPS in case the driver decides to turn off the blacktop for a couple seconds.
As long as the SUV market continues to increase, the price of gasoline is not high enough.
by KillAllHumans October 13, 2004

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Large country occupying the northern portion of North America.
The name Canada came from a mis-translation by early explorers of a native word meaning Village.
Large in size but sparsely populated, the country was an integral ally player in WW2, however most of it's forces were decomissioned when hostilities ceased. Canada contributed many very skilled troops and pilots for the european campaign, and were pivotal in the European beach landings.
Economically, Canada contibutes vast amounts of raw resources not least of which are energy products. Northern Alberta has vast oilsands deposits that may contain as much oil as the middle east, and are mostly untapped, meaning there will still be lots of oil, albeit fairly expensive, long after the wells run dry in Saudi Aribia.
Canada has some of the largest unspoiled forrests left in the world.
Canada's primary trading partner is the USA, which shares the longest ungaurded border (figuratively speaking)in the world.
To address all the flamers out there, Canadians and Americans for the most part like each other, except for an embarassingly high number of obnoxious loudmouths on either side of the border.
Explorer: What is this place?
Native: Kanta.
Explorer: Canada, that's what this country is called.
Guide: I think he means the village.
Explorer: Nope, pretty sure he means the country. This place is called Canada.
by KillAllHumans January 13, 2005

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Hacker term signifying a program or system has failed or ceased responding
A data table that's over a gig makes the system barf
by KillAllHumans July 15, 2004

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To take an othewise perfectly functional device or peice of software, slow it down, make it buggy and general make a mess of things for the sole purpose of being able to browse pron directly on the app/device
All the recent versions of Office have been flakey as hell since they web-enabled the suite.
by KillAllHumans September 14, 2004

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A nasty scam we used to pull on new employees when they got thier first full paycheck
Dude, it's payday! Come on down to the bar, it's buy-in!

I'll be there....What's buy-in?

You're buying the first round. See you there.
by KillAllHumans September 16, 2004

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A nation consisting of 98% intellegent, decent, hard working individuals who are easy to work with or talk to and make pleasant company. Unfortunately, 2% are ethnocentric, racist, and very loud, thereby giving a huge black eye to the balance of the polulation. The second largest country by land mass in the western hemisphere. Currently being repeatedly humilated by the lies and corrupt practices of thier leadership.
I like the United States of America, but I wouldn't want to live there.
by KillAllHumans July 13, 2004

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