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that funny fucked up guy that makes you laugh (example) ILL SHWO TEHM HOW TO DISGRAECEFULLEY CHAENGE TEH ENGLISH LANGUAEGE LIEK A PRO :D. also a pro expert ut team killer. =D
if you cant laff you aint a LOLMAN
everyone loves LOLMAN
by KiE January 31, 2004

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a typical punk has dark/outrageous hair, skateboards, has piercings and listens to bands like the ramones, Sex Pistols and Green Day
Punk chicks are hot as long as they keep the hair normalish and dont go overkill on piercings
by Kie May 11, 2005

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The Most elite teenager alive.

Believed to be more popular then God.
Damn that Kieran Bastow is amazing
by Kie March 09, 2005

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fit as fuck
very sexy lady
by Kie April 23, 2004

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Someone born in the U.S. or just on the continent. Someone who is very open to every race of human that is willing to die for America and it's beliefs. The greatest people from all over the world are gathered here in unison. Me myself coming from Dublin I have grown very fond of this country and all it stands for. Accepting my family and giving us the chance to live in true freedom. I have friends from Asia, russia, ukraine, south american and ireland also. This is the country where I belong and the country I will die for.
Someone from anywhere in the world
by Kie March 10, 2004

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