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When one penis is inserted inside another penis through the japseye. it is often known for being used in Austria. It comes from an austrian legend where they had farms with a breed of animals that that mated by using this type of sex.
A gay man: "Wouldn't it be fun if we could do it properly??"
His partner: "You want to schnitzel?!?"
by kidUrban June 01, 2010

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a description for anything homosexual in the literal sense. It can be a gay couple or all boy action. nothing heterosexual is involved. it could also be gay porn or a way to describe something that is gay. Used for any gay action.
That porno was dick on dick.
by kidUrban June 07, 2010

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A black man who is white on the inside. they have the potential to be a gangsta or a brake dancer but are white on the inside so take life too seriously and get offended when called a nigga
Harry Belafonte celebrity has the potential physically but he's a coconut
by KidUrban July 24, 2011

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