6 definitions by Kev Dogg

sortened version of "what is happening?"
in terms of a greeting
Dean shouted "whappenin bro" as he saw Lee fom the other side of the road
by Kev Dogg February 28, 2008
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shortened version of "Are you Hearing".
1. normally at the end of a comment to ask if person has understood.
2. Can also be used as an agressive tone to mean "do as i say/do"
1. "That gal is well nice, Yearin!"
(that girl is very nice to look at, you agree?)

2. "stop that you fool! do it this way... yearin!"
(your doing it wrong do it like this!)
"go get the bike from sammy now!.. yearin!"
(go get the bike off sammy!)
by Kev Dogg March 14, 2008
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a brothel
from an amerindian/indigenous language in South America
Carol sold herself to the Caimu
(Carol now works at a Brothel)
by Kev Dogg March 14, 2008
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the action of talking/chatting/gossiping
michelle spent all afternoon gaffing with simone
by Kev Dogg February 28, 2008
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a young man or boy, used as a discriptive term to someone you do not know
"youth man your too young to have beer"

"what is peter's youth man's name?"
by Kev Dogg March 16, 2008
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The description used for a girl who is under the legal age for sex, usually reserved for those under 14 but developing.
From the statement that having sex with a underage girl can land you with a sentence of 25 years to life in jail, depending on country.
Johnny : "look there, shes hot"
Peter : "shes Twenty five years!"
Johnny : "but shes hot"
Peter: "shes too young to have my wicked way with!"
by Kev Dogg March 15, 2008
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