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Lacking determination to be socially active; making minimal to no appearances at group events; intentionally missing and not replying phone calls, text messages and voice mails and avoiding social networks on the internet (AIM, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) to the extent where your friends think you're living under a rock.

Often acknowledged as an effect of post-heartbreak/depression and lasts for several months at a time.
Girl: "Where's Jamie been? Is he okay?"
Boy: "He must have caught Patrick Star Syndrome, I haven't heard from him in ages."
Girl: "That girl must have broken his heart, huh?"
Boy: "You bet."
by Kesoboy April 25, 2009

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1. Involuntarily turning off your alarm clock without your conscious awareness either within 15 minutes before the anticipated ring time, or during its first ring.

2. Subconsciously expending the allotted snoozes for a set alarm and waking up roughly an or so hour later; upon waking up, the first glance of the time will set off the person to express his anger with the exclamation of a single word whilst blaming the alarm clock.

3. The scapegoat for an unset alarm.
*A student walks into class late and sits next to his buddy.*

Buddy: "Why are you so late?"
Student: "My damn alarm didn't ring."
Buddy: "You must have ghost snoozed."
Student: "NO! ... *sigh* ... probably."

*An alarm clock was not set the night before and Jamie wakes up an hour late*

Jamie: *Looks at the time..* "F@CK! ... Must have ghost snoozed."
by Kesoboy July 03, 2009

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