36 definition by Kent

A stupid name for Fire Emblem General Board goers, made up by the FE7SBians, much like the FESBian name. This name is NOT endorsed by the FEGB users.
Smapdi: HAHAHA! Let's strike the FEGtaBles hard!
by Kent July 26, 2004

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A comic written by me, Kent. Hence the "K". Very close to what really happens in this plane of existance. Dear God, help me. I need new friends. Two are gay. One moslests me on a daliy basis(girl). Also know as KTMS or My horrible life. (I had trouble figuring out a title)
KSHM is the funniest comic EVER!!! Read it.
by Kent November 05, 2004

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Slang term for Meth that dealers use over phones.
Yo man, I got your white lady, AND i got the evil cousin!
by Kent August 14, 2005

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Drug dealer, mainly pot
Man the towns dry... You got a hook?
by Kent January 24, 2005

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a lord of good qualitys
thats a good lord u got there fella
by kent July 24, 2004

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Inclined to engage in and enjoy kinky or unusual sexual activities.
That ho be a li'l freaky mcnasty; she always like to be tied up when she get pounded.
by Kent October 08, 2003

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Really a misspelling of FE7SBian.
......it's really FE7SBian, and should be treated as thus.
by Kent July 19, 2004

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