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The phobia or fear of loud noises. This case is extremely rare and affects 1 in 6.5 of adults
Alexa: hey are you scared of fireworks

Keira: yea I have phonophobia
by Keiradahuman November 05, 2019

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This is the french way of saying French. Under the c you will see the accent. This accent is called a cédille. Pronounced said-eey-ah
I speak English but he speaks français
by Keiradahuman December 22, 2019

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Most likely a Libra ♎️ Keira is a creative sometimes sporty and very social person. She loves to make new friends an loves a library.
Maisie: wow who is that she’s amazing
Lillie: it’s Keira
Maisie: oh ok
by Keiradahuman November 05, 2019

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A girl who feels will get her own way through threats. She has her hit and cold moments but is a great baker. She can be overpowering and overwhelming but it is best to ignore her if you feel she is annoyed.
David: Omg who is that girl she is really overprotective

Adam: That’s Tilly

David: oh ok
by Keiradahuman January 26, 2020

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