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A term used to describe the pairing of Riku and Sora (from the video game Kingdom Hearts) in a romantic relationship.
"My favorite yaoi pairing is RikuSora!"
by Kazzy January 31, 2004
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a dance - like 50 cent says in the song. "Its the same 2 step wit a lil twist".
its the dance called "the 2 step" but with a little twist
by Kazzy December 09, 2004
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a man with two guns...or someone who carries two guns...usually two 9's.
like Fabolous said... "I keep two 9's on me like Gretsky..."
by Kazzy February 25, 2005
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i say ballin means:
- playing games (not literally)
- playing around
- fruttin
- being stupid
- hatin on
- lying
(playing games) - like if u ask some 1 somethin and they just beatin around da bush or just not answerin u straight, u say they ballin.

all the other examples are the way they are.

*** if u dont know wut "hatin" means then u need 2 go 2 da hood.
by Kazzy December 13, 2004
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