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A horny anime charicter that fucks her dog
"God callie, I told you not to type in 'Rin'"
by Kaytlin S. November 27, 2003
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what you get when when a guy's on top and a girls on bottom: Crass
-----= inoccence
understand??? LOL!
Proof that girls are evil:

First, girls need time and money:
Girl = Time * Money

And we know that time is money:
Girl = Money * Money

We also know that money is the root of all evil:
Money = Evil ^ 1/2

Money ^ 2 = Evil

So we are forced to conclude that:
Girl = Evil

Prof that guys are Crass:

All guy think about is sex, therefor

Guys look at girls like there an objet:
Guys= Peverts + Nifomaniac

Guys are not as smart as girls:
Guys= (Peverts + Nifomaniac)/-smart

and (Peverts+Nifomaniac)/-smart= crassness

And if you tack all the evil out of crass AKA dividing guy by girl

Guy Crass
Guy over girl>> ----or---- = innocents
Girl Evil
take all the evil out of crass ^^^^^^

And the only thing truly inocent is a new born! so guys on top will make a kid. understand???
by Kaytlin S. November 27, 2003
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