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One who freaks out when they find something has a spot; Spot Nazi.
Person A: "Oh my god, there's a ketchup stain on my shirt! Where's my spot cleanser?"

Person B: "It's small; no one will see it. Don't be such a spotzi."
by Katesies_Pirate July 26, 2007

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Someone who hugs, touches or stays on one subject of a conversation umcomfortably long. Usually unaware they are doing so.
"Man, Josh hugged me forever, he was such a long-on!"

"Ew, a guy at McDonalds was a long-on, he held his hand around mine when I got my drink for maybe ten seconds."

"Amy talked about shoes forever, I didn't know she was a long-on!"
by Katesies_Pirate July 23, 2007

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