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Karachi is housed to hard working people from all over Pakistan which pay ultra regressive taxes to Islamabad(Pakistan capital) to develop Islamabad infrastructure while Karachi rots.

Law and Order is only possible for those who can afford it i.e. people with political and financial connections.

Drinking water is also questionable but not as poisonous as Hyderabad's(Karachi neighboring city) water supply.

Sewage systems can rival Baghdad's system after the fall of Saddam. Karachi's sewage is dump in the sea killing the mangrooves if any of them are left from land hungry mafia.

Power Supply is expensive all thanks to World Bank and their local cronies. Load shedding in summers is as infrequent as Hurricanes without wind. Power theft is also common.

From public to private sector corruption is rampant. If a suppose a bridge is constructed 10% will be spent on actual bridge and rest 90% goes to pockets of cronies (Figures by Dr. Mehboob, Economist) Pakistan Planning Commision puts the figure 40% lost to corruption.

Labor, workers, employees are under paid all over the city with few notable exceptions. School teachers are worst paid too. Most of it can be attributed to greedy nature of some Karachites.

Traffic is worse than Italy. For traffic rules violation people can bribe Karachi's finest on the road without any shame. Karachi also home to Worse drivers. Road sense is as abundant as water on moon. Drivers are not the only ones, pedestrians can be seen crossing the road where ever they feel like.

Karachites rich and poor, can be seen throwing garbage, bottles, wrappers without any shame. Dust bins are non-existent. Spitting is common thing.

Karachites don't make queues. Strongest person usually wins.

Eating is the favorite pastime since there are not so many outing places for people to visit beside Sea, which itself sees coal and oil spills there.

More of a Dark ages system. Here violence is frequent and incompetent politicans found in abundance. All parties claiming this city belongs to them.

Poor refugees are exploited routinely and are exported to Gulf estates. Local girls can be found easily if one knows where to look for.

Education department is also corrupt to the extent some students can give their exams at home. College teacher comes to student home asking for money in exchange of telling the questionnaire.

Honesty is not the strongest point of Karachites. From insider trading to petty cheats all is consider ok even by most educated people.

Coming late on weddings and meetings is common. Most common excuse is traffic or there was no light at home.

Now some good points.
- Most Karachites are hard working.
- Most are educated and civilized than rest of the country.
- Most Karachites immigrate to first world nation to live in like minded society.
Abdul: I am from Karachi.
Simon: Nice place. (Trying to be nice, don't want to mention his horrible experience at Karachi airport)
by Kasem Shah August 31, 2004
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South Asian dress wore with a pajama or a shalwar.
Silk kurta is not permitted for Muslim men.
by Kasem Shah August 31, 2004
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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Grabs taxes from all over Pakistan to pay for unused wide roads and other usless infrastructures while rest of the country rots. Seeing Pakistan ranking on Human Developement Index (Alongwith Sub Saharan countries)and seeing Islamabad will confuse most of the people.
Islamabad bloke: We are so cool, we have largest shopping center here.
Karachi dude: thats not even 1% of Tariq Road.
by Kasem Shah August 31, 2004
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Famous shopping road strip in Karachi.
I am going to shop for kurta at Tariq Road.
by Kasem Shah August 31, 2004
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