Walking behind a girl with a hot ass when going from one place to another.
After I get off the bus, I wait wait for a hot girl to walk by so I can hitch a ride for my walk to work.

Wow, Mary has great ass. I know.When she walked by me this morning, I hitched a ride and stared at her ass for 20 minutes.
by Mrshinnypants June 21, 2020
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To tag along for a ride one way or both ways to a certain location.

Sometimes just used to get to one destination, usually just a one way trip.

Compensation offered may consist of taking turns driving, splitting the cost of gas, or trade.

There are some websites that offer forums for people to search for open seats/rides offered all across the world. One of these sites is www.AtoBme.com.
Gary and I were bored one day so we thought it would be fun to surf through www.AtoBme.com and Hitch-A-Ride with someone heading out of town.
by MrDrive January 28, 2010
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