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Word to Describe someone or something as Nasty
Brie, That Girl be Tripplin'

That girls a Tripplin' Bitch!

by Karrington April 01, 2007
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When a man is having sex and is about ready to cum. he takes his penis out and "climaxes" on his partners back. when he is done he draws a smiley face (the best way he can) with his penis.
Tony created a Cumshingly on Taras back.

Craig did a Cumshingly on Joeys back
by Karrington June 14, 2004
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When a man is having sex, and is about to cum. He takes his dick and and jacks off in his hand. He then cums in his hand and takes his cumfilled hand and slaps his partners face.
the PIMP Bitch Faced his HOE.
by Karrington July 02, 2004
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