4 definitions by KappaHunter

The act of taking a stick a celery and inserting it into your ass.
Mom: Johnny eat your vegetables.

Johnny: I can't they're in mah ass...

Mom: Stop green spooning yourself!
by KappaHunter February 24, 2014
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A beautiful place that people often confuse for the word "town" when eating a sandwich. Most often used by serial killers.
I was eating a sandwich and looking in the distance and I said to myself, "What a beautiful Duwang!" *chew*
by KappaHunter September 28, 2016
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Generally a nice guy, but also has the biggest dick you will ever see.
Friend1: who's that?

Friend2: Oh, that's just big dick Nick!
by KappaHunter December 15, 2019
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Any man who wears a ski mask and a suit. They commonly have a large dick too. They act as a spy and will try to infiltrate anything. Even your butt!
Bob: Someone snuck into my house last night! They stole my TV and raped my butt!

Jim: Could you tell who it was?

Bob: No...

Jim: Then it must have been the speh!
by KappaHunter February 22, 2014
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