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an expression that suggests something like, "Don't sweat the small stuff." The meaning stems from a song sung by a trumpeter, singer, and manager of Kay Keyser's orchestra, whose real name was Merwyn Bogue. He was given the nickname Ish Kabibble after the Yiddiah song he sang, called "Isch Ka Bibble" ("I Should Worry")
"Ish kabibble! That's nothing to worry about."
by Kalista August 12, 2003

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Semen mixed with traces of blood and feces resulting from massive trauma to the prostate gland.
<Craiggers> DrVoke bofo'd my baphomet so hard that I infinite_monkeyd in idali's mouth. She'll never kultur me again. :(
by kalista September 04, 2003

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Pure sex wrapped up into one crusty, filth-ridden package.
<@lilmisshappymouth> fuck you georgia.
<@lilmisshappymouth> shove a peach right up that wide asshole.
by kalista November 24, 2003

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What a redneck names his kid
"This ones smart im gonna name 'im edumacation!"
by Kalista May 05, 2004

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