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When that extra sauerkraut you ordered for your hotdog decides to invade and blast through your intestines in a rather quick manner. Your asshole will feel like it just had a close-up in the weirdest of weird german porn movies.

Said to be especially nasty when you're wasted on german beer.
Grandson: Damn krauts shitzkrieged my fucking ass last night...

Polish Grandpa: I feel ya, boy. I feel ya.
by KaiserSJ February 2, 2016
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What the American Civil War of the 1860s might soon be called, thanks to a few fringe groups of fucking crazy people.
Crazy Person with a ridiculous amount of guns: "Yeah, if Trump loses, we'll have to overthrow the government. We'll have to start a 2nd American Civil War."
Everybody else: "WTF?!? Wasn't the 1st American Civil War enough blood shed?!""
by KaiserSJ November 6, 2016
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