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One whom wields so much fucking bullshit that they must have a wagon attatched to their ass to carry it all.
Eric: "Hey Billy, I had your mother last night."
Billy: "Fuck off Eric, you're full of shit."

Eric: "You know Claire, I heard Billy likes to wear little girls panties for fun."

Claire: "God Billy, Eric is such a fuckwagon, why do you hang out with him?"
Billy: "I don't. Who told you I hang out with him?"
Claire: "HE did."
Billy: "God, what a FUCKWAGON!"
by KaiKai June 06, 2007
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The insane crack pairing of characters Kairi and Axel from the game Kingdom Hearts 2.
"OMFG! I just read a kaxel fanfic!!! It BURNS! @_@"

by Kaikai April 22, 2007
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