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A word used by men wishing to explain that they are not gay, feminine or black-wannabe though they are tanned
Man 1: Man, look at you, youre like a fag!
Man 2: Naaah, its a man tan, see?
Man 1: Oooh, nice!
by Kai Robert February 26, 2007

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A Lamo who makes a clan in a game that is solely based on the nationality of the players just to get them to join.
Clan name: Deutsch Elite
Clan leader: Fritz

Fritz is a nationtard
by Kai Robert April 17, 2007

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Basically doing whatever other people do or have done before you instead of thinking for yourself.
When you are asked to do completely illogical actions and ask why, the person asking will most likely answer "It's tradition".
by kai robert April 10, 2008

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(n), A wannabe 1337. May refer to people who speak poor 1337 or use 1337 in inappropriate situations.
w00tnabe: 1'M l1k3 th3 gr34t3s7 l337 dood th3r3 1s.
Normal person: Shut up.
by Kai Robert May 26, 2007

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A dude from romania who makes a clan in some game, calls it Romania or any other name with romania in it, invites people and hopefully tries to get some people from romania to join, since there are many romanian noobs, he gets alot of members and ends up ruining the game cause the game finally turns romanian.
clan ranks

1: Romania
2: (example clan1)
3: (example clan2)

{EC1}awesomedude: God i hate that Romanian Clan Leader
{EC2}mrcool: yeah, such an ass
by Kai Robert February 26, 2007

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