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The A key on the Iphone that when texting always gets missed, resulting in the cap key getting hit instead. you're usually ready to press send when you realize you've hit the fuckin A and have to go back and rewrite the text.
When writing the text: I'm submitting a phrase to Urban Dictionary...
After hitting the cap key instead of the A key, the text becomes: I'm submitting PhrSe to Urban Dictionary....
resulting in total irritation and one saying to ones self,

Fuckin A !!!!
by KahunaJ July 22, 2011
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Those guys have terabucks, I can't even wrap my mind around that amount of coin!The stuff Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Oprah are blessed with. Similiar to the arcane word "bazillions".
by KahunaJ September 25, 2008
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A guy or gal that is so addicted to their e device, that every time you look at them or attempt to communicate with them they have a glow about them from which ever screen they happen to be peering into.
"Geez, ya fricken glo freak! step away from the device and have a normal, real conversation!"

"Look at poor Bonnie, She's addicted to her e devices, I'm afraid she's become a glo freak!"
by KahunaJ November 09, 2011
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A Green Head is the most obnoxious human being imaginable. It is derived from swamp borne green headed flies on the coast of Maine. These flies have green heads and when they land on you, they bite you with huge, white triangle shaped teeth. They are really slow,and when swatted, they do an animated, circuliar tumble to the ground.
That guy is such a fuckin' green head! Death to Green Heads!
by KahunaJ September 12, 2008
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Wife to Joe Sixpack. Usually a sorority girl from a derivative college. She is usually the primary breadwinner, given that Joe is a beer drinking loser.
"look at poor Jane Sixpack, dosn't she get that Joe is a loser!".
by KahunaJ October 05, 2008
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The outcome of buying this product. Compare to the lemonade Jim Jones served his followers; kiss of death; ultimate buyers remorse. All one has to do is check online for the limitless blogs, forums, and postings from unhappy customers.
OMG! I'm experiencing "Kitchen Aide" syndrome.....I just bought this appliance and it's already died!

I just got off the phone with customer service......and now I feel like dying...I've never felt so totally punked and tea bagged ever! I hate those choads in customer service!
by KahunaJ November 18, 2010
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