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1. Constantly erronous and always crashing. See windows.
2. Slow; sluggish. See lag.
3. Never running. See dead.
"I tried to play Furcadia, but Furcadia's servers farted and died worse than Windows XP."
by Kage October 15, 2003

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When one leaves a small to medium sized turd, only to return to the bathroom within ten minutes, usually leaving an even larger turd. Experts say this is due to the fact that air is stored between the lumps of feces which also explains the ocasional fart in between the two bathroom sessions.
Whooa guys, you better wait to pass the rest of those tacos, I feel a Deja-Shit coming.
by Kage January 18, 2005

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The act of hunting a 'whale' of a girl and taking her to bed.
After Marc was done ahabing her, he walked out of the bedroom and declared "Call me Ishmael."
by Kage October 07, 2007

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1. A girl attending Russell Sage College in Troy, NY that has the ability to turn the head of any guy she passes, be they RPI guys or not.
Mildred is a total Sage bunny.
by Kage December 06, 2005

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word fashioned after teh all time best TS player and a great modeler.

refers to his incredible moves.
DAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!! That move was straight Shogi style!
by Kage February 27, 2004

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1. A term evolved from the initials "K G" to describe a member of the PMB. 2. The designation of AwesomeTeam USA's right fullback.
Hey, Kage just totally ruined that guys shit.
by Kage April 12, 2005

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When smoking marijuana discreetly in a confined environment (i.e. dorm room, office cubicle, etc.) smoke is often exhaled through dryer sheets for decreased smell. Sometimes, when an especially good hit is taken, brown lip-marks can be seen on the dryer sheet. This looks disgusting, and is known as the "kiss of death".
Good job man, you left a real kiss of death there.
by Kage February 17, 2005

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