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When a girl is rubbing her ass up and down or all over a poll.
(Looks like she's trying to rub something off it.)
I know them hoes in the club they ain't twerkin fo free
by Krizzle August 31, 2003

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Badass pirate, who at times is a dumbass. Note the flaming beard.

Guybrush > LeChuck
LeChuck would've been fine if he had just moved to Cuba.
by krizzle March 07, 2005

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A line of people at a dance, in alternating guy-girl order, who all freak dance together, moving across the dance floor like a "train." Known to be very popular amongst underclassmen whores.
"The principal just didn't like the freak train I started. Especially when I tried to get her to be the conductor.
by krizzle April 20, 2005

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First-come, first-served (FCFS) – sometimes first-in, first-served and first-come, first choice – whereby the requests of customers or clients are attended to in the order that they arrived, without other biases or preferences.
There's some nice cake over there, first come first serve!
by KRizzle March 07, 2015

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A sport similar to skateboarding and acrobatics in concept, yet is totally unique. Requires agility and quick thinking. Basically, jumping from/up to great heights, quickly navigating cluttered obstacles, or otherwise showing great physical dexterity on foot.
"My friend totally busted his leg freestyle walking. He was making a gap between two hedges and a powerbox. Man, we lost power for an entire DAY."
by krizzle April 06, 2005

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Any emotional outburst that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. The origin of the word comes from Ted Cruz
"Did you see the news? Donald Trump called out Ted Cruz's legal status as an American!"

"Don't worry about it, it's just another trumpertantrum."
by KRizzle October 04, 2016

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