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A person who knows how to drive!

A professional driver who accels at high performance maneuvering, chase, pursuit, evasion, and high speed driving.
A driver that understands the mechanics of driving as an art form of finesse between the wheel, shifting gears, brake, and throttle control.
A person who can perform tricks neccesary to keep a vehicle moving such as J-turns, continuous donuts, burnouts (with a manual tranmission), double-clutching, 180's, 360's, drifting, etc.
A pro who understands and utilizes over and under steer, pitch, roll, brake-steering, throttle steering etc.
A person who has the knowledge to drive any vehicle at any time without hesitation, whether it be a passenger vehicle, front wheel, rear wheel, all-wheel drive (using them to their specific advantages) trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, industrial, and agricultural equipment.
A driver who can manage a vehicle that is probelmatic or otherwise difficult to drive. i.e. shifting or stalling problems, flat tire(s) etc.

Derived originally from car thiefs which necessitated being able to drive any vehicle (without prior knowledge of it) and driven in a hurry.

See movies: The Transporter, Gone in 60 Seconds.
John: "Its a 15 minute run from dragonfire crossing to lookout mountain road, but we need it down to 12 minutes. Police are lining the road, the clutch is hot and slipping, and Rich can't drive like that with a cast on his arm. Who are we going to get?
Ken: "Lets call KRASH! ... he's a wheelman."
by KRASH! June 25, 2007

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When a hoopty comes to a stop, and the worn springs nose dive under braking, and then begin to bounce up and down, long after the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Usually, emmitting a loud metal-to-metal squeaking and groaning sound because the rubber spring isolators have long since been eroded away.

This may be accompianied by a subsequent stall, and backfire, with or without smoke, and/or a radiator shooting steam out of the grille.

See Movie: Uncle Buck
We were at the local cruise in, when everyone started laughing at this 80's land yacht that pulled off a wicked hoopty stop. The driver thought he was cool, pretending he had hydraulics, but it was really lame.
by KRASH! June 25, 2007

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A wheelman that specializes in purposely evading or out driving Law Enforcement personnel, usually in lieu of a crime having been committed.
*NOTE* Not everyone who attempts to 'run from the Cops' is an Evasion Technician. The title implies a professional that uses the best of equipment, (not a stolen hoopty) and is successful in their evasions.
Ron: We all knew Officer Miller hid his patrol car behind the guard-rail just past the culvert, and never let anyone get out of a ticket when he nabbed them... Until, Tony passed him up doin' a buck sixty.
James: Why? What what happened with Tony?
Ron: Oh, Tony is an Evasion Technician.
by KRASH! June 25, 2007

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The art of, and unfailing practice to always park a car in reverse format, so that the front end of the vehicle is poised toward the street side or driving lane.
Done to maintain a wide field of view in front and to the sides of you, and (if parked against a solid object) prevent anyone from sneeking up behind you.
Most importantly the ability to leave in a very quick manner should the need arise.
Also allows a vehicle not running a front license plate to go unidentified to Security, Traffic, & Law Enforcement personnel.
I thought we were gonna have to bail, so I parked getaway style in case the Police passed by.
by KRASH! June 25, 2007

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When it's time to go, go now, and in a hurry.
Once peggy took her shirt off, and the Thompson twins set fire to the couch, I knew right then and there it was split city!
by KRASH! June 25, 2007

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Veganaught (vEE-ga-not)
One of the poster-child examples of an sad, grey, and generally unhealthy looking vegan or vegetarian that emphatically advertises their lifestyle/diet is better than yours. Quoting statistics, what they really put in meat, and how the animals are killed. All in a defensive and appalled reaction as to the fact that you eat like a regular and normal human should, and could care less.
Man, I was just trying to finish my burger, but this veganaught jumped up and started going ape-shit!
by KRASH! June 24, 2007

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