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A very sexually easy woman. Or a sexually cheap woman. Cheaper than a 2 dollar whore. Also Dolla Sto Ho.
I can't believe James been running around with that dollar store whore.
by KMama June 11, 2006

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A person who is crazy or psychotic. A negative term but can be used as ribbing among friends. Derives from prison slang referring to an inmate living in the penitentiary’s psychiatric ward or one that uses psychotropic medications or frequently sees the psychiatrist.
That bitch keyed my fuckin' car.
Man I told you that hoe was a psyc patient.

Britney Spears is a psyc patient; that bitch be walking around town with no shoes on and dropping her baby all the time.

by KMama June 11, 2006

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A derogatory name used when referring a person of middle eastern descent, esp. when you do not know their real names, or if they piss you off.
Damn Habib, learn how to fuckin' drive.
Man,them Habibs be trippin up in Diamond Shamrock and shit!
Some people also say Osama, The Taliban(when referring to several people), Apu (as in from the Simpons), Mohammed (or any other common Muslim name).
by KMama June 10, 2006

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Used when referring to a person with a nice body but looks old or ugly in the face. Or someone who looks older than they are.
That bitch is fine but she got a old head.

Mary is only 22; she just has an old head.
by KMama June 11, 2006

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