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The mood of a person who assumes his words or actions bear no consequences.
Jimmy decided to change his trumpitude, after receiving a sound beating from the random woman whose ass he squeezed. Megan's trumpitude at the cashier quickly went viral, costing her friends, and her job.
by K.R. Omen December 01, 2016

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Noun. A person whose intelligence is so sub-par they would take everything at a literal meaning. For instance, they would actually try to blow while giving a blow job. These are the people that believe, and share, everything they read online.
If that dickwhistle bothered to research, he would see that article is satire.
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by K.R. Omen April 29, 2016

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A slur for a person that resembles the discharge of fungus candida yeast infection, unwelcome in any gathering.
That yeast leak had the audacity to criticize a party he wasn't even invited to? She kicked her daughter out the home for not choosing her candidate in the election. If I never see that yeast leak again, it'll be too soon.
by K.R. Omen November 23, 2016

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