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A Pubg place with good loot and hell lot of players
MA SQUAD: That is a shithole!
by K.A.I.X October 16, 2018

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an agent that frees from infection especially : a chemical that destroys vegetative forms of harmful microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi) especially on inanimate objects but that may be less effective in destroying spores.
A solution of the crude salt is used as a disinfectant under the name of "Condy's fluid." Corrosive sublimate in an acid solution is the best disinfectant, but sulphuric acid, 1 in 250, is efficient and cheaper.
by K.A.I.X November 09, 2018

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A map in PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND) Which has the highest loot heatmap.
Becareful not to fight with others for loot in Miramar,

so that you will not die easily

There are still a lot out in the map.
by K.A.I.X October 19, 2018

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A sensitive boy that will cry easily.

This boy have a very bad temper too.
when you make him angry, he will beat you with hand or maybe with a broom.
After he beat someone, he will not admit that he did it and act as a victim.
He looks smart but very blur.

When he is bored he will hide in his jacket like a penguin with no feathers.
speaker1: My friend is always crying and beating me.
speaker2:Then y is he ur friend
speaker1:Oh, bcs he gives me money.
speaker2:Gold digger.
speaker2:He must be a Yong Jie
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by K.A.I.X October 25, 2018

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a monster renowned in folklore and myth.
TEACHER SYAMIL: Today, your homework is to write about three mythical creatures.

ME: Ohhhh~~~~~! So, we are going to write about mythical "teachers"?(teacher say to fast , that's why i thought it's mythical teachers)


ME: Can I write about you, teacher?

CLASS: hahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhhhahahahahahaha!

TEACHER SYAMIL: ..........
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by K.A.I.X October 19, 2018

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