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An Unimportant Human Being Who Is An Energy Vampire To Those Around Them Who Serves Absolutely No Purpose In This World And Feeds Off Any Type Of Negative Emotion Given Off Like The Children Of Satan They Are, Do Not Fall Into Their Friendship Trap Because An Unsuspecting You Could Be The Next Victim Of Their Wrath, STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THESE FAT MUTATIONS AT ALL TIMES FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND SAFETY.
Brent: Hey, Loser!
John: Stop Being Such A Bully, And Leave Me Alone You Fat Mutation!
by K-dog-2004 November 24, 2021
Aholes Who Come From A Distant Galaxy To Earth To Be In Unsuspecting Areas Waiting To Spring Any Meaness Out On An Unsuspecting Individual, Absolute Scum Of The Earth Who Should Not Even Exist. They're I Said It.
OMG, That Tyler Is Such A Mean Person, I wish he'd stop.
Me, Too!!!
by K-dog-2004 January 29, 2022
Keller-"Short For Kenneth"
Meaning-"Little Companion
A Keller is a guy who is Sweet,Good Looking,Intelligent, And has a great taste for music.
Geez!! Are you dating Keller??? Lucky!!!
by K-dog-2004 November 14, 2018