106 definitions by Julie

26 year old, Japanese/American Emcee from Agourna, California.
Married to long term girlfriend, Anna.
6ft, black hair, dark brown eyes.
sexy beast
by Julie December 10, 2003
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shazam + amazing, used as a descrptive word instead of awesome, amazing, great, good, or anything overused. Can also be changed into sha-fucking-mazing if it was really good.
Chicken enchiladas are absolutely shamazing!
by Julie January 16, 2004
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someone obsessed with pinching the nipples of others. nipple pinching
Julie is a nipaphiliac
by Julie August 26, 2004
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as in "give me some"
as in movie "Clueless"...when character sees a cute waiter and says '"break me off a piece" of that.' She wants some of the waiter.
by julie October 05, 2003
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a combination of smut and sleezy
yo that girl is such a smeezy
by julie January 08, 2003
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It's a contradiction in the same sentence or word.
Honest lawyer.
Cheap vacation.
Nice ex wife/husband.
Intelligent blond.
by Julie March 24, 2005
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it's so fantastic you wanna bang it
damn that guy is so bangtastic.
by jULiE March 13, 2005
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