3 definitions by Jubilee Dunbar

Performing very badly on a musical instrument. Hitting blatantly errant notes, most popularly on brass or woodwind instruments.
When Chet Baker was straight he could play like Gabriel himself, but when he was strung out on junk he was mostly blowing clams out on stage.
by Jubilee Dunbar February 20, 2010
Alternative to the well-worn business phrase "proactive."
My boss asked me to be more proactive in this project; I decided it was better to be anti-static.
by Jubilee Dunbar February 5, 2010
an agreement with which one participant does not care about the outcome, or is relenting to avoid an argument.
The result is not necessarily unfavorable, just not true to one's desires.
1. Going along for the ride.
2. Men going along with their wives to shop for maternity wear.

3. "yes dear, let's go to sushi again tonight."
4. see that guy pushing the cart at Target? His disinterest shows he made a zombie compromise.
by Jubilee Dunbar March 25, 2013