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Something that both George W. Bush and Sarah Palin seem to make a living off of.
I'd repeat something, but its honestly too fucking embarrasing.
(However, if you watch your evening news, you'll find most politicians commit daily acts of proffesional word vomit.)
by Ju Ju Bee November 11, 2009
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The process of absent-mindedly playing with an erect penis. Can also be used as a passive adjective to describe a male persona in which emotional gears tend to be in constant flux and inconsistency, usually causing frustration and bitch fits from their female counterparts. (Mental stick shifting.) Those accused of dick shifting will most likely have high rebound rates coupled with less than intact morals.
*While a drunk dirty skank is giving John Smith a hand job, she starts starring off into space...*

John Smith: Uhh, you want me to just finish? If I wanted to go dick shifting I could have done it myself.

*As an adjective*
Stacy: Ohhhmaahhhgod, he's totally boning her! Didn't you guys just break up...

Jammie: Yea, dude like an hour ago? He's in dick shift mode...
by Ju Ju Bee November 12, 2009
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A generation archetype of polo wearing, private school attending, and inherently capitalistic infected youth. Usually a die-hard sports fan (Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox) that thinks he or she is bamf, and almost always associated with pseudo-rebellion practices such as excessive weed and booze consumption. Although Bostonians are raised and born in Boston Mass, they will typically have a beach house in cape cod, and are materialistic although they frequently deny it. Their parents are incompetent morons who live a happy empty life with their hoard of massive cash, and will supply a future to their children after paying off Harvard to accept them. They are often mildly interested in alternative rock, and could be compared by analogy to preppy classy gwedos, and are often scoffed at by New Yorkers. Bostonians can also be refered to boston stoners, a derogatory although sometimes endeering name for completely avarage weed adicts whose mass conformity in moccasins/loafers and slacks leave them as a slightly laughable argile failure of prototype. Everyone pretends to stand them while secretly laughing. Warning: to those of you shaking your head, this probably applies to you.
*In defense of the masses, some bostonians are insanely chill mother fuckers, who should only slightly resent this definition.*
Julia: Dude, I spent all summer on the vineyard, If I see another Bostonian I swear to god, I'm gonna run down the street burning a red sox jersey and american flag, then politely ask them to eat shit and die.

Bo Bo: Fuck that man, I'll lace their weed with roofies and hope they get butt fucked by angry New Yorkers.
by Ju Ju Bee November 11, 2009
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