2 definitions by Jowiban71

1) To be in an extremely embarrassing moment or event.
2) When you lose your mind over nothing serious.
3) First time you lose your virginity.
4) When a guy doesn’t get an erection.
5) When a guy only last one second during sex.
To be in crisis when a Flight Attendant shits oneself during food service (shit on the floor) and the flight gets delayed for cleanup

To be in crisis when a young woman gets out the pool and losses her top while nippling.

To be in crisis when you lose your virginity by something small and end up pregnant.

To be in crisis when the girl blinks once and the sex is over.
by Jowiban71 August 10, 2018
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1. Someone who has a strong personality as well as being headstrong at the same time.
2. An argumentative person.
3. A person who refuses advises.
My friend is so strong headed that he lost his job.
by Jowiban71 March 31, 2015
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