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When caught in an argument where you are completely wrong, this phrase is meant to be the drawing line for ending the debate.

The gayer you say it, the less the other person should keep badgering you that you are wrong.
Guy A: I'm telling you there are five oceans not four.
Guy B: No there isn't! I want the biggest Oops Ya Caught Me if I'm right.
*Google provides the names of all five oceans*
Guy A: Good. Now lets browse some porn.
by Josh Impact August 17, 2011
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Just Fuck It. Short name for not giving a fuck about something any more. Putting it aside and not giving that person or event the time of day.
Person A: Yo I think I should mack this girl.
Person B: Nah, JFI man she's mad dirty.
Person A: Werd? Alright I'll JFI.
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
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Go For It. Short name for caring about something. Often used as a support line for a person to continue doing what they are doing and to not give up.
Person A: Yo I think I am gonna give up on macking this girl.
Person B: Nah, GFI man, it's worth it in the end.
Person A: Alright, I'll GFI if you think I got a chance.
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
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Term used when a person has their eyes set on a specific person in which they want to mack. A MIP often means that everyone else should back off from progressing to Mack the girl.
Person A: You that girl is my MIP.
Person B: Werd? Alright I'll try to get you in good with her.
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
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Truth; For Real Real, Not For Play Play. Code used to express the realism of the story. 619 is the only thing that holds true and cannot be bullshitted. If it is bullshitted, that person’s trust is lost forever.
Person A: Yo, I was on TV last night!
Person B: Yea right...
Person A: Nah, 619, I was on channel 5
Person B: Really, Holy Crap thats awesome
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
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